We are grateful to the following colleagues from British Columbia institutions who dedicated their time as subject matter experts and lab reviewers: Bernard Bauer, Trish Jarrett, Matteo Saletti, and Wendy Hales. More broadly, we would like to acknowledge the BC Geography Articulation community for the encouragement during the project, and for setting the stage from which this entire project started. We would also like to thank Erin Fields and Amanda Grey for the essential librarian, copyright, and Pressbook support that was provided on such short notice. The Pressbook could not have come together without the two of you. We would also like to thank Karla Panchuk for her editorial support in reviewing the lab manual in its entirety. Finally, we are grateful to all the BC Geography instructors who are, and will be, using this lab manual for any continual feedback they provide.


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Laboratory Manual for Introduction to Physical Geography, First British Columbia Edition by Stuart MacKinnon; Katie Burles; Terence Day; Fes de Scally; Nina Hewitt; Crystal Huscroft; Gillian Krezoski; Allison Lutz; Craig Nichol; Andrew Perkins; Todd Redding; Ian Saunders; Leonard Tang; and Chani Welch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.