5 Cooking H5P With Accessibility in Mind

As we are just getting going with projects and want to keep things comfortable, access to this first one will be shared with project participants (look for an email and info shared in our Mattermost community) (have you joined yet?), but future ones will be open to other educators and advertised by BCCampus.

Because of its importance in ensuring that Open Textbooks can be used by all learners on all devices, web accessibility is critical in our projects. It becomes more key when are adding interactive elements via H5P; hence our consideration of using content types that meet web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG).

See the BCcampus Pressbook on Accessibility in Open Education.

Therefore, our first guest on the Cooking With H5P series is BCCampus’s Josie Gray, who brings expertise in web accessibility. And as a bonus, Josie more than knows her way around in Pressbooks (she installed and set up your books) so she can also help with questions about using Pressbooks.

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July Webinar: Cooking H5P With Accessibility in Mind



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