8 More Symbols and Languages


Latex can typeset over 14,000 symbols which can be found in their comprehensive symbol list. If a package is needed to use a symbol, the package is specified in the guide. Below is a table of some symbols from the package fontawesome, including logos of popular software and websites. Note that the fontawesome symbols must be used inside of \text{}.

\text{\faCreativeCommons} \faCreativeCommons \text{\faLink} \faFilePDF0 \text{\faBookmark} \faBookmark
\text{\faCalendar} \faCalendar \text{\faShareAlt} \faShareAlt \text{\faInbox} \faInbox
\text{\faGithub} \faGithub \text{\faFileWordO} \faFileWordO \text{\faFilePdfO} \faFilePdfO


Latex was developed to typeset American English and makes a variety of choices in spacing, hyphenation, and formatting to conform to American English conventions. If you are typesetting a different language, you can use the Babel package to match typesetting conventions for that language. Babel can handle languages that use the Latin alphabet as well as other systems of characters including Arabic, traditional and simplified Chinese, and Japanese kanji. Here is an example of a document that uses both English and Japanese from the babel-japanese documentation.


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