When using Latex in Pressbooks, you automatically have access to the basic Latex library and the American Mathematical Society (AMS) math package. If you are only using Latex to typeset equations, this will provide the needed functionality. However, Latex also allows users to develop and share their own packages which implement additional functionalities like typesetting non-latin languages or creating the plots and figures.

To be able to use a package when using Latex in Pressbooks, you will need to add the package in the settings for the Plugin. First, click on Plugins and choose ‘Settings’ under the WP QuickLaTeX editor.

Screenshot of choosing Settings for the QuickLatex plugin.

Choose the ‘Advanced’ tab under settings and scroll down to the box where you can add commands.

Screenshot of the advanced tab of the QuickLatex plugin.

Here you can configure your Latex setup. For now, we’ll just add packages that will allow us to write phonetic transcriptions and create plots.


Screenshot of QuickLatex configured with the packages for plots.


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