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Aboriginal Education and Services

JIBC’s New Westminster campus is located on Coast Salish territory. In keeping with traditional protocols, we wish to express our gratitude to the Musqueam and Qayqayt First Nations who have ties to this territory and we wish to acknowledge the unceded territory of all Coast Salish peoples.

Our Purpose

The Office of Indigenization works on multiple collaborative efforts to support students, faculty and staff while building and enhancing relationships with Indigenous people, organizations and communities. The Office of Indigenization supports JIBC’s five-year Indigenization Plan and its commitment to Indigenous education through partnerships that embed Indigeneity within every aspects of JIBC. From governance to student services, from policies to programming and everything in between, by including Indigenous ways of knowing, thinking, being and relating in to the fabric of JIBC, everyone benefits.

You can find JIBC’s Indigenization Plan on our website: https://www.jibc.ca/sites/default/files/main/pdf/Indigenization_Report.pdf

We Offer

  • Culturally safe, positive learning atmosphere
  • Campus orientation
  • Personalized, helpful advice and student support services
  • Funding information
  • Community-based delivery of programs
  • Customized programs for your organization
  • Community referrals
  • An information bulletin board listing job opportunities, community events and takeaways

Our Circle Includes

  • Office of Indigenization
  • Aboriginal Education Advisory Council
  • Elders-in-Residence
  • Faculty Members
  • Office of Indigenization Staff
  • Office of Student Affairs-Aboriginal Student Advisor

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you and we invite you to visit the Aboriginal Gathering Place. We are located in office of Indigenization (AD134A-AD134D & AD135) on the main floor, near the gymnasium.

Jason La Rochelle, Director, Office of Indigenization
Heather Simpson, Coordinator, Office of Indigenization
Email: indigenization@jibc.ca

For more information you can check the website https://www.jibc.ca/office-indigenization or



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