Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Classroom Etiquette & Cleanup

Classroom Etiquette

JIBC policy prohibits the presence of any animals other than designated Support Dogs.

Please do not bring children, additional teaching faculty or non-registered learners into the classroom without the permission of the program coordinator and/or director.

As noted in the Student Handbook, students are asked to refrain from wearing strong scented perfumes, colognes, aftershave, or lotion at the JIBC as many people are allergic to scents.

Beverages are allowed in the classroom but must be in a covered container to avoid spills. Food is not allowed. Please share this information with your learners.

Classroom Cleanup

At the end of the class, it is the teaching faculty member’s responsibility to remove and discard all used flip chart paper and name cards in preparation for the next class. Please ask learners to remove all beverage containers, cups and glassware. Please leave the room the way you would like to find it if you were to teach there the next day.


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