Copyright: What You Need to Know.

The JIBC Library provides support for copyright compliance, in keeping with the JIBC Copyright Compliance Policy and Procedure and the Canadian Copyright Act.
JIBC Copyright Compliance Policy:
JIBC Copyright Compliance Procedure:
Copyright Act:

All JIBC faculty must follow the JIBC Fair Dealing Policy when using third-party materials in course manuals, handouts, and posting to Blackboard courses. Visit the JIBC Copyright Guide for Faculty ( specifically the Fair Dealing section, for information on what you can legally copy or post, or how to find alternative material. This guide is designed to aid in proper use of educational material. It is not legal advice.

The Library also offers an educational session on copyright which is part of the Library’s general orientation.Contact for upcoming dates or to book a session.
Questions about copying works should be directed to Library staff at:
Email: or

Course Reserves (Ares)

A one-stop online resource in BlackBoard for all student course readings (articles, book chapters and streamed videos) in online and face-to-face courses. These  items are mediated by Library staff to ensure copyright compliance.

The Library can assist you in providing students with links to online articles or to find resources suitable for your course readings.

Ares Guide:

For more information on course reserves:


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