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Faculty Development Workshops and eLearning Support

Workshops and Courses

We have provided some resources for our faculty on JIBC’s Website: https://www.jibc.ca/faculty-staff

There are many professional development opportunities for faculty members at JIBC. If you’re looking for specific training please send us a training request at ctli@jibc.ca.


INDC-1110 Essential Skills for Training & Facilitation

The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation (CTLI) and the Centre for Leadership is offering, Essential Skills for Training and Facilitation, to JIBC faculty and staff looking to develop their competence and confidence in designing and delivering learner centered, experiential training sessions.

This peer-based course is designed to help learners explore the principles of adult learning and evidence-based methodology to improve their teaching practice in a safe and fun environment. Each day learners will develop and facilitate a short training session, receive feedback from their peers and coaches and set new goals for their training effectiveness. Completion of online pre-work and attendance on all 3 class days is required.



For more information about time and date of upcoming offerings please email ctli@jibc.ca

eLearning Support

The online course delivery platform used at JIBC is called Blackboard Learning System. Blackboard Learning System is a virtual learning environment and course management system designed to provide a virtual course environment for instructors and students. If you are going to teach an online course and are new to blackboard check out our JIBC Blackboard Help For Instructors for more information: https://host.jibc.ca/blackboard/instructor/

If you would like to schedule a Blackboard training session please email us at ctli@jibc.ca


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