Campus Operations & Locations

Fire Drills/Evacuation

Fire drills are held once a year during the summer months. The alarm for a drill is indistinguishable from a regular fire alarm and so each fire alarm should be treated as a real incident.

If your class is in session when the fire alarm rings, ensure that all learners leave the classroom in an orderly manner, close the windows and close and lock the door (if you have a key), behind you to ensure the safety of the valuables left inside. Take your daily attendance list with you.

If you are NOT in class, leave the building immediately. Do not use an elevator. Evacuation team members will direct you to the nearest emergency exit.

Follow your class to the designated assembly area – (please note the New Westminster assembly areas are located on the 8th Ave and McBride sides of the parking lot). Take attendance at the assembly area. Report any missing people and their last-seen location to the assembly area controller. Re-enter the building only when the alarm has stopped ringing and you are advised to do so by an evacuation team member.

Please note each campus has site-specific Evacuation Procedures. Please familiarize yourself with the procedures when onsite.


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