Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Payment for Instructional Services

Sessional employees 

Most teaching faculty members are sessional employees of the Institute. Sessional employees submit a timesheet for work performed and the payment is processed through payroll on a bi-weekly basis. Expenses for reimbursement, where applicable, are submitted for payment using the Staff Expense Claim.

Independent contractors 

Some teaching faculty members work for the Institute as independent contractors. Independent contractors have to submit an invoice for services and, where applicable, expenses. Accounts Payable processes invoices.

If you are invoicing the Institute for the first time as an independent contractor you need to complete the FIN120 Contractor Information Sheet. The coordinator can provide you with the form. The form requires:

  • Business Identification Number (BIN#) or GST number
  • Social Insurance Number if you don’t have either a BIN# or a GST#
  • WCB number if registered

Contractor invoices must include:

  • Name, Address, Phone number
  • GST number – if registered for GST
  • Purchase Order – a purchase order is required if the services are valued at $5,000 or more
  • Fees for services and expenses claimed shown separately.

Original receipts are required for expense reimbursement (except per diems and mileage allowances – where applicable).


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