Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Respect in the Workplace

JIBC’s success at maintaining a positive and respectful environment has been and will continue to be a significant factor in contributing to our vision of being a world leader in justice and public safety education and research.

Successful completion of JIBC’s anti-Harassment online training course, “Respect in the Workplace”, would be a requirement for all JIBC faculty and staff including sessional instructors, contractors, secondees and volunteers who represent the JIBC in providing training services to our students. All new sessional instructors, contractors, secondees, volunteers, full time, part time, casual and term employees are expected to complete the course within the first month of their employment.

The “Respect in the Workplace” course consists of two modules; one is for employees and the other is for managers/faculty. Employees who do not supervise or instruct students must complete the “Employee” module. Those who supervise others and/or instruct JIBC students will complete the “Manager/Faculty” module. Those completing the Manager/Faculty module do not need to complete the Employee module. Each module takes approximately 25-35 minutes to complete and will be available through both the internet and through JIBC’s intranet.

New sessional instructors, secondees, full time, part time, casual and term employees NOTE that HR does not send the course to Contractors and Volunteer Instructors as they are not employees so we would have not record of their existence– Contractors fall under Finance and Volunteers are only involved directly with division

  • Will receive access information at the time of their hire from human resources and will be instructed to complete the course within the first month of their employment.

Completion of the “Respect in the Workplace” course by our faculty and staff is an important activity in contributing to the JIBC maintaining a respectful and positive workplace and learning environment. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support of this initiative.


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