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Services for Students with Disabilities

The JIBC is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and accessible environment for students with disabilities.  The Senior Manager, SLSDR works with faculty and staff to remove structural and attitudinal barriers in order to ensure that students with disabilities have access to educational resources and opportunities allowing them to pursue educational goals with dignity, independence and full participation in the JIBC community.


The Manager assists students with disabilities to officially register as a student with a disability in order to be able to access in-class and community resources to support their academic endeavours while registered at the JIBC.  In-class supports may include academic accommodations, sign-language interpreting, and assistive technology.  Academic accommodations may include extra time on tests, testing in a separate room, etc.  Community resources may include available funding for eligible students through StudentAid BC, AT BC, CAPER BC, etc. Services to students with disabilities are consistent with the JIBC‘s Accommodation of Students with Disabilities Policy. The Manager recognizes that each student is unique and therefore has their own individual needs in the academic environment.  All information is confidential. 


Faculty and staff are encouraged to take the free online course “Supporting Students with Disabilities.”  This course is accessible at https://sswdcourse.jibc.ca/


Students who disclose that they have a disability or medical condition should be referred to the JIBC website for more information: https://www.jibc.ca/student-services/disability-services


They should also be encouraged to contact the Senior Manager, SLSDR, Travis Woolf, twoolf@jibc.ca


The Student Learning Supports and Disability Resources Office  is located on the New Westminster campus, in room CL201 and is open Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm.


Please note that due to Covid appointments are available by phone or email.



Local: 604-528-5884

Toll free: 1-877-275-4331

Fax: 604-528-5653

Email: studentresources@jibc.ca


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