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Student Learning Supports and Mental Wellness

The Senior Manager, Student Learning Support and Disability Resource values the role that faculty and staff serve in identifying students at risk and students who might benefit from support.  Consultation with the Manager is available for faculty and staff who would like further guidance in connecting a struggling student to appropriate community and institution-based supports.


The Manager provides confidential services for students, faculty, and staff on all JIBC campuses for all JIBC programs.

Student Learning Supports

Students can meet with the Senior Manager, SLSDR to develop an individualized learning plan including study skills, time management skills, academic writing skills, test anxiety and stress management strategies, and general strategies for academic success.

The Student Learning Support and Disability Services Office is located on the New Westminster campus in room CL201.

The Writing Centre is available to assist students who are looking for support for their JIBC course-specific writing assignments.  The Writing Centre Coordinator and peer writing support tutors are available to provide feedback regarding students’ writing skills through email, in person scheduled appointments on the New West campus, drop-in sessions, phone or skype/zoom.  All services are free and available to students on all JIBC campuses.

The Writing Centre is located on the New Westminster campus in room CL123.  More information about Writing Centre supports can be found online at: https://www.jibc.ca/writing-centre You can reach the Writing Centre Coordinator by emailing them at writingcentre@jibc.ca

Student Wellness

Students can meet with the Manager to discuss stress management strategies, mental health and addictions supports, healthy coping skills, community resources, support for loved ones, grief and loss, suicide, trauma, caring for a sick loved one, general interpersonal communication strategies, etc.


The Manager offers assessment, crisis intervention, short term counselling and referral to appropriate community resources for long term mental health intervention and support.  Please note that the Manager is only available during regular business hours, Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.


Provincial/local crisis lines and general information about mental health and wellness resources in the community can be found on the JIBC website at: https://www.jibc.ca/student-services/resources-mental-wellness


The Student Learning Supports and Disability Resources Office  is located on the New Westminster campus, in room CL201 and is open Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm. There are printed pamphlets with information on several mental health and wellness topics located on the wall outside the office.  These are free for students, staff, and faculty.


Please note that due to Covid appointments are available by phone or email.


Contact the Senior Manager, SLSDR:

Current Senior Manager is Travis Woolf, twoolf@jibc.ca


To learn more about JIBC Student Services go to our website: https://www.jibc.ca/student-services/mental-health-ptsd


Local: 604-528-5884

Toll free: 1-877-275-4331

Fax: 604-528-5653


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