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Student Services

Student Services

The Student Services is the first point of contact for potential and existing students. They also provide registration services for tuition based courses and answer inquiries about JIBC courses and programs by phone, fax, e-mail, and at the front counter.

Here are some of the other roles and responsibilities of the Student Services:

  • Provide first line technical support including password resets/navigation assistance in online courses for students.
  • Register participants into tuition-based classes.
  • Accept applications for some JIBC programs (as negotiated with divisions).
  • Process tuition and ancillary fee payments.
  • Arrange student transfers, withdrawals, substitutions and refunds.
  • Establish accounts to make it easy for organizations to enroll their staff or clients.
  • Issue tuition receipts for income tax purposes (CRA T2202A forms) every February to students or parents who have paid $100 or more for tuition and other allowable expenses.
  • Issue official JIBC transcripts and parchments for credentialed programs.
  • Respond to student record requests.
  • Advise students regarding financial assistance options for qualifying JIBC programs.
  • Advise students with disabilities about available services and, in consultation with academies and divisions, organize assistance and/or accommodations for them.
  • Provide prospective students with an overview of justice and public safety career JIBC program information and refer prospective and current students to program coordinators and program assistants for program specific inquiries.
  • Provide leadership in the development and maintenance of the JIBC’s student records database.

The Student Services Centre is located on the main floor of the New Westminster campus.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Financial Aid & Awards financialaid@jibc.ca
Disability Services studentresources@jibc.ca
Prospect Advising studenthelp@jibc.ca
Register register@jibc.ca


Financial Aid & Awards 604.528.5762 1.877.275.4332
Disability Services 604.528.5884 1.877.275.4331
Online Support 604.528.5590 1.877.528.5591
Fax: 604.528.5653

For more information you can check our website www.jibc.ca/student-services.


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