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Writing Centre

The JIBC Writing Centre provides free, individual and friendly support with academic writing, learning, and study strategies to all JIBC students. Whether you students would like to access the Peer Tutor Support Service, find information on APA formatting, or learn new ways to improve their academic writing skills, they’ll find it at the writing centre.

We support students at all points of the writing process. From planning to proofreading support, student-tutors are available to assist students with their writing assignments and skills.

Services Offered by the Writing Centre

The Writing Centre is home to several writing support services:

  • Peer Writing Support Service
  • One-Hour Tutoring Sessions
  • Drop-In Writing Support
  • Academic Workshops
  • Develop Academic Writing Skills and Strategies

Advise your students to contact the Writing Center if they need help with any of the services listed above.

Contact the Writing Centre:

The Writing Centre can be contacted via email writingcentre@jibc.ca.

Regardless of the open hours of the writing centre, this email is checked five days a week, Monday – Friday. Contact the writing centre to access any of our services and student supports.


The JIBC Library’s Writing & Study Skills Guide also provides a wealth of information.



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