Centre for Teaching, Learning & Innovation

CTLI is the Teaching, Learning and Innovation Centre at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. CTLI adopts a flexible, team-based approach to program, course, resource, and faculty development for both internal JIBC programs and specialized contract or client interfacing training and education projects.  Since most of our projects require the use of educational technology, CTLI has evolved into and is recognized as a highly knowledgeable innovator of educational technologies in support of teaching and learning.

We offer trainings, workshops and PD opportunities for our faculty. Here are a few subjects that we can support you with:


Weekly Virtual  Drop-in Sessions

We have weekly virtual drop-in sessions to connect with our faculty and answer their questions. Come meet us in Collaborate! Bring your Blackboard, Collaborate, Kaltura or other teaching & learning questions!

Register for your session here: http://bitly.ws/dkU2

You can find us on JIBC’s Website under Teaching and Learning: https://www.jibc.ca/teaching-learning

You can read more about our services on our blog ctli.jibc.ca.


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