Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Welcome to the JIBC instructional team. Whether joining us to teach online or in a face-to-face setting, we hope the information in this manual is helpful and answers many of your questions.

Our goal is to create an excellent learning environment for our learners and a desirable place for people to work. We believe that our reputation for delivering relevant, high quality programs and courses is well deserved. We know that it takes a dedicated team of faculty, support staff and administrators to ensure that we maintain that reputation.

This guide provides an outline of what is expected from you as a representative of the JIBC. It also describes services that support the learning process and are available to you and your learners. Any suggestions you have for enhancing your experience, as a faculty member and optimizing the experiences of our learners are always welcome. Drop your contact person an e-mail, stop by and chat or pick up the phone. They like to hear from you.

We want to ensure the best possible experience for our learners and, as a faculty member, you play a major role in making that happen. Simple things, like being set up and ready to start teaching at the appointed time, can make all the difference.

We expect all of our faculty members to:

  • Be responsive to learners who may need individual attention or assistance;
  • Attend the class, whether face-to-face or online, for the full number of hours agreed upon;
  • Teach to the course outline and maintain good class records and grades where applicable;
  • Follow our Faculty Code of Conduct (see following page).

If teaching in the classroom:

  • Remove and discard all used flip chart paper, name cards, and other course material at the conclusion of the session;
  • Ask learners to remove beverage containers, coffee cups, or other personal items from the classroom;
  • Return course evaluation and class attendance sheets to the program assistant at the conclusion of your classroom course.

If teaching online

As an online facilitator, your responsibilities include the following:

Facilitation of your designated course, including but not limited to:

  • Encouraging discussion and helping students make connections between theory and practice
  • Answering questions related to course content and assignments
  • Monitoring student progress and addressing performance and participation problems
  • Marking all course assessments and maintaining Blackboard Grade Centre
  • Communication with students throughout the semester, including the exam period
  • Monitoring discussion boards daily
  • Responding to student emails within 72 hours (maximum)
  • Being available one hour per week, where required for synchronous communication (phone or online chat) by appointment
  • Compliance with all relevant JIBC policies, procedures, and guidelines related to instruction

Please note the above may vary, depending on your agreement with your specific program area.


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