MyJIBC Portal


JIBC students and faculty can access the myJIBC portal at

The Portal provides a landing spot for Self-Service, online Blackboard Class Sites, The Student Online Orientation, JIBC Library page and services such as:

  • Username retrieval and password resets
  • View your class schedule


Self-Service is JIBC’s online inquiry and student registration systems. Students and employees can access a variety of services on Self-Service.  JIBC students and faculty can access Self-Service from the myJIBC portal or at


    • View and update address information
    • View financial information and make a payment
    • View academic history (unofficial transcript) grades and grade point average

Instructor information services available include:

    • Username retrieval
    • View class rosters
    • View class schedules
    • Submit final grade

Note: Instructors need to submit a Service Desk ticket with Technology Services for password resets on their user account. Instructors can send emails through Blackboard or their JIBC email account.

To learn more about Self-Service check our Registration Help page.


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