Even though these selected readings are copyright free, it takes many resources both financial and human to bring them together for you. I have to offer my thanks and deepest gratitude to a few people. Cory Stumpf was essential in helping me getting this project done in record time. His assistance was and is greatly appreciated! Robline (Robbi) Forsythe, also from Thompson Rivers University says she didn’t do much, but she was able to take my cover design idea and bring it to life. I owe her a coffee or two!

Brenda Smith from the TRU library gave so much time to track down many of the works you find here. Moreover, if something was not available, she would find out why (e.g., the philosopher hadn’t been dead long enough, or wasn’t dead yet!). Her fine tuning of my original list saved me many hours of frustration. Indeed, it is because she was there at the very beginning of when this idea started forming in my head which such drive and positive thoughts that I decided to commit to it.

Amanda Coolidge at BCcampus was my guide. She walked me through the entire process and not only responded quickly and effectively to any questions I had but also responded in such a way that it made me smile every time I saw her name pop up at the top of my mail Inbox.


Dr. Jeff McLaughlin Ph.D.

Thompson Rivers University

Kamloops, BC, Dec 2017



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