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What is OER?

Why use OER?

Benefits of using OER

As can be seen in the BCOEL (formerly BCOER) infographic below, there are many reasons to use OER, including increasing student retention and providing more relevant materials for your classes.

Why Open Education matters

The following video explains why the move to Open Education (and the use of OER) is so important.

Why Open Education Matters from Blink Tower on Vimeo.

Faculty Perspectives on Open Textbooks

In the following two videos, you will hear from faculty who are using open textbooks and some of the reasons why.

Why use open textbooks? Benefits for students from BCcampus on Vimeo.


What instructors say about open textbooks from BCcampus on Vimeo.


The Faculty Perspectives on Open Textbooks section aboveĀ from the BC Open Textbook Adaptation Guide by BCcampus and is used under a CC BY 4.0 international license. Download this book for free at http://open.bccampus.ca.



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