Chapter 21: Greek Prefixes

§132. A Summary of Greek Prefixes

a-, an- (ἀ-, ἀν-) not, without, un in- atheist, anarchy
amphi- (ἀμφι-) about, on both sides ambi- amphitheatre
ana- (ἀνα-) up, back, again (re-) anagram, analysis
anti- (ἀντι-) against, opposite ob-, contra- antipodes, antonym
apo- (ἀπο-) away from ab- apostolic, apogee
cata- (κατα-) down (etc.) de- catastrophe
dia- (δια-) through, across per-, trans- diameter, diagonal
dys- (δυο-) badly, hard mal(e)- dyslexia, dysentery
ec-, ex- (ἐκ-, ἐξ-) out of e(x)- eccentric, exodus
en- (ἐν-) in in- endemic, energy
epi- (ἐπι-) upon, on (etc.) in- epitaph, epidermis
eu- (εὐ-) well, (true) bene- eugenic, euphemism
hyper- (ὑπερ -) over super- hyperbole
hypo- (ὑπο-) under sub- hypothermia
meta- (μετα-) over, beyond; change (trans-) metamorphosis
para- (παρα-) beside, alongside (ad-) paragraph
peri- (περι-) around circum- periscope, perimeter
pro- (προ-) before; forward prae-, pro- prophet, program
pros- (προσ-) towards; in addition ad- prosody, prosthesis
syn- (συν-) with, together con- synonym, symmetry


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