Chapter 23: Some Medical Terminology

§141. Exercises, Chapter 23

The terminology in §140 is a tiny sampling of the hundreds of anatomical terms derived from Greek and Latin; similar lists could be devised for the nervous system, bone structure, musculature, skin and cells, etc.

Here are some sample words to explore and analyse. No key is provided.

psychiatrist stomatodysodia h(a)emorrhoid
pharmacist = halitosis thrombosis
pharmacology gingivectomy nephritis
toxicology cheilocarcinoma nephrosis
hydrotherapy gastroenteritis nephrolithiasis
hydrocephaly gastrorrhaphy menopause
encephalitis hepatopath menorrhagia
encephalogram phlebitis dysmenorrhea
elephantiasis ophthalmophlebotomy hysterectomy
ophthalmoscope ileitis and colitis hysterooophorectomy
rhinometer colostomy monorchidism
rhinorrhagia dyspnea cryptorchidism
otoplasty orthopnea orchidectomy
otoscopy tracheotomy spermatogenesis
otopyorrhea tracheostomy gonorrhea
G πυον = L pus cardiography proctologist
myxorrhea angiorrhexis proctoscope
G μυξα = L mucus angioplasty perihysteric
otorhinolaryngologist h(a)emorrhage pneumogastric



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