It is a thrill for me to see Knowing Home: Braiding Indigenous Science with Western Science Books 1 and 2, and to know that they will be a readily available reference for learners and educators alike. At a time when Canadians are finally embarking on a journey of Truth and Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, these insightful edited volumes are both timely and critically important. Together, the co-editors and authors, almost all of them Indigenous, present multiple useful paths towards identifying and recognizing two huge shortfalls in the Canadian educational system to date. One is the abysmal failure of many schools to provide quality education for Indigenous children and youth, particularly in the areas of science, technology and health. This situation is reflected today in the marked underrepresentation of Indigenous students participating in university level programs in these areas, and, further, in the dearth of professional scientists from Indigenous communities across the country. The second gap, equally lamentable, is that students of mainstream western science and technology have been deprived of learning about the immense body of Indigenous scientific knowledge, perspectives and applications acquired and built over generations of dwelling in particular places. The Knowing Home books are a wonderful resource that will bring all Canadians to a higher level of understanding in these two areas.

Nancy Turner,  CM, OBC, PhD, FRSC, FLS
Distinguished Professor Emeritus and 2015 P. E. Trudeau Fellow
School of Environmental Studies
University of Victoria


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