Using an Open Textbook and a Learning Management System in Trades Courses: A (Possible) Case Study

Phase 3: Moira Implements Her Plan

How Moira Adopted an Open Textbook, Began to Use an LMS, and Created a More Accessible Experience for Her Students


Guided by the information she collected during the planning stage, Moira moved forward with her course revisions. With only 3 months before she had to deliver the course again, this is what Moira was able to do to address the key issues she noted in Phase 1 of this guide:

  1. Adopted an Open Textbook for her Trades course and the ancillary resources available alongside it (videos and question bank);
  2. Revised her course to be delivered in a blended format – partially online in her institution’s LMS and partially face-to-face in the classroom.
  3. Located online videos of hands-on demonstrations of Trades practices; confirmed that these were licensed under Creative Commons open licenses.
  4. Learned enough about her institution’s LMS to set up weekly modules, make the OERs (textbook, videos, quiz questions) she adopted available to her students, and begin to create online quizzes.

Note: in Moira’s 3-month “Implementation of Planned Revisions” which is described on the following pages:

  • OT = task associated with Open Textbook and/or OER goal;
  • LMS = task associated with goal of moving into blended format with a Learning Management System


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