Bob is retired now and is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Vancouver Island University. He continues to philosophize on “Episyllogism”–  a Blog that considers many topics.


Robert D. (Bob) Lane was the Coordinator of Philosophy at Malaspina College in Nanaimo, B. C., Canada. There he teaches a course called Philosophy in Literature: The Bible, and another course in the Old and New Testaments as literary texts in the humanities. Lane was educated at the University of California in Santa Barbara where he studied English and Continental literature. After teaching in Coos Bay, Oregon, as an Assistant Professor of English, he moved to Canada in 1969 when Malaspina College first opened. There he taught introductory English, Survey of English Literature, and Creative Writing. He then studied philosophy at Simon Fraser University and continues to teach in the Philosophy Department. Influenced by Professor Douwe Stuurman, Lane has continued to teach and write in both literature and philosophy.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Lane was raised on a wheat farm in Eastern Colorado by his mother and step-father. At 16 he ran away from home and at 17 was in the United States Marine Corps for a four year hitch. After four years in the marines, served during the Korean war, Lane went to school on the G.I. Bill, starting as an engineering student at the University of Texas. But after hearing T. S. Eliot read his poetry at Southern Methodist University on a rainy night in April he moved to California and changed to a math and later English major. Lane writes often for the magazine Humanist in Canada and is also known as a frequent book reviewer for several papers and magazines. His other interests include medical ethics and he has published in that field as well. He has been a marine, a service station attendant, a farm hand, a grocery clerk, a personnel supervisor, a junior accountant, an electronics technician, a small press editor, a construction laborer, and an author and teacher. Reading the Bible: Intention, Text, and Interpretation is his first book.

Lane, Robert. Reading The Bible: Intention, Text, Interpretation


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