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Steve McCartney

Steve McCartney, MSc, retired from the Vancouver Police Department after 28 years of service. While with the V.P.D. he served in a variety of capacities including patrol, Detective Constable with Strike Force, Sexual Offence Squad, the Provincial Unsolved Homicide Unit, and VPD Homicide Unit. After leaving the V.P.D., he was seconded to the B.C. Police Academy at the Justice Institute of British Columbia as an instructor in Investigation and Patrol. Upon retiring from the V.P.D., he has held the posts of Program Chair of Law Enforcement Studies at the Justice Institute of British Columbia and Program Director of the JIBC Police Academy. He has also co-authored Ethics in Law Enforcement.

He teaches as a sessional instructor at the University of Fraser Valley and JIBC.

Cindy Patterson

Cindy joined the West Midlands Police Service in the United Kingdom. Working as a police officer Cindy learned the skills required to police the inner-city streets of Birmingham, the second largest city in England. Unarmed, she quickly developed essential communication techniques. She qualified to National Public Order Standards in a time when the threat to public safety included the terrorist attacks caused by the terrorist group the IRA. Cindy worked as a community beat officer, a field trainer, an investigative file coordinator and a specialized child protection investigator within the Criminal Investigations Division. She was trained and experienced in cognitive interviewing, child interviewing and investigation techniques as well as the PEACE model of interviewing.

After moving to Canada in 2002, Cindy worked for an international airline and also assisted in the family consulting business as a researcher. Having retired from the airline Cindy studied for her Masters in Intelligence and Security at Leicester University. Combining her experiences, Cindy is a sessional Instructor in both the Emergency Management and International Policing Divisions at the JIBC and has presented at local institutions in an array of subjects.


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