Chapter 10 – Water Supply

Water Supply
Ulrike Leone

Establishing and maintaining sufficient water to achieve strategic goals will greatly influence the operational mode and whether that mode can be maintained or have it changed. Water Supply will be challenged the size of the fire, exposures and operational modes.

Water Supply Needs

Defensive operations may be more challenging than offensive attacks

Master streams can require the total pump capacity of the apparatus

Reliable water systems can be exhausted

Large-diameter hose is effective

Water-shuttle operations remain a possibility

Two supplies are recommended

IC cannot solely rely on water tank supply

Must supply and maintain a rate of flow including backup and exposure lines

To complete a Water Supply Size-up, the following must be asked:

What are the fire flow needs?

What source(s) will supply the required flow?

What delivery method will be used?

What resources (apparatus, personnel, equipment) are needed?

How long will it take to develop the water supply?

How effective or reliable is the water supply?

Is there a backup water supply plan?

What coordination with other tactics is needed?


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