Discover your why

Introduction to discovering your WHY

“Learning to lead yourself well is one of the most important things you’ll ever do as a leader.”

– John Maxwell

People look to leaders to guide them, to give them direction, to model how and where the company is heading.  In entrepreneurship and a trades business, good leadership can translate to a successful company life with a good working culture and high employee retention.

There are many different types of leadership.  Not everyone resonates with every style and not every style is suited for every situation.  Good leaders adapt their styles to help bring out the best in people.  There is no mistake leadership is going to be key in the success of your venture.

It has been said by many, in order to be a great leader to others you need to first learn how to lead yourself.  In this part of the book we will start to dig into what that really means.  We will investigate:

  • What values are and why they are important in your life.
  • How to link your values to your company.
  • Discovering your purpose or your WHY.
  • Using your WHY to build your businesses vision statement.

One of the first thing that many successful leaders do is take the time to invest in and develop themselves.  If you take the time to read through this book and do the exercises you will be on the right path to not only taking your company to the next level but to help those who work for you do the same.


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