As trades people, we value those things which reflect the time-honoured traditions of our craft. We value qualities like commitment, precision, and excellence. We value creating with our hearts, minds, and hands.

This effort really is just a small extension of our desire for you as a trades and business person to continue on the trajectory of following your dream to own and operate your own business. There is so much to learn in your chosen craft and now you have committed to embarking down the road of becoming a trades-business entrepreneur. To that, we celebrate your commitment and future success!

We also know that this is only the beginning. There is still much to learn and much to master. In fact, we both believe that all of life is an apprenticeship. We should never stop learning and never stop seeking growth – both personally and professionally. We should never stop training the generation following us. Too much has been entrusted and invested in our lives as trades people to hold on to that knowledge and those skills.

This book has been broken down into two categories. Leadership and Business. You will need to learn both to be successful. We started with leadership as everything rises or falls with leadership and leading yourself is the most important step in learning to lead others. We finish off with some basic business concepts. Get these foundational pieces right will be essential for the rest of what you build. You and your business will be that much stronger because of it.

Hard work and dedication got you to this point, but it will take more than hard work and dedication for your business to succeed. This book will help you on that journey.


We commit this work into your hands.


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