Module 4: So What?

Welcome to Module 4. Some of you work in local government. Others work in professions or organizations that support local governments and could help them advance natural asset management. All of you live in communities that in some way are already relying on natural assets for core services.

In this module we will dig into your individual and group contexts to answer the question – “what could I being doing differently tomorrow than I am doing today, on natural asset management?”
Module 4 Learning Goals

Module 4 is an opportunity to reflect on how Modules 1-3 relate to your own community and professional contexts, synthesize this into project template that is similar to the project documents that underpin all MNAI projects, discuss it in a team format, and then share your ideas in plenary. The completed project template may just turn out to be the basis for Canada’s next natural asset management project…

Module 4 Activity

Module 4 integrates everything we have learned to date into what may well be foundation for the next terrific Canadian natural asset project. It will help you to develop a clear picture of a set of natural asset services, risks, condition and potential strategies in your own community.

Here are the steps and suggested schedule.

Step 1 – Monday & Tuesday (or before): Individual work. Download the worksheet at this link. Thinking about your own community context, consider everything you have learned, complete the worksheet.

Step 2 –Wednesday & Thursday: group work. Post your completed worksheet to the appropriate team discussion forum titled “Activity 4 Step 2 – Wednesday & Thursday: group work”.The list of teams is below. Then, within your teams, perform a peer review function on each others’ documents so that each person benefits from the insights of every other person on the team. As suggestions, tell each team member (a) what you like best about their worksheet (b) one thing you learned from their worksheet(c) one thing you would suggest they consider adding to the project (d) one barrier they might face and a strategy for overcoming it.

Feel free to self-organize a Zoom call with your teammates.

Step 3: Thursday and Friday. Share group work. The final step is to share the results of your group work to fellow learners in the Week Four Discussion Forum titled “Sharing Group Work“. Your team can do this in a number of ways. For example, you can: select one worksheet that you feel is especially promising, and share this with the whole class and explain why the project is so promising; summarize your projects; or pick one element of each worksheet that is compelling and share this.

Step 4: Thursday and Friday. Review each others’ group work. The final step is to review and comment on each other groups work.

Finally, celebrate your work and kindly complete the course evaluation.




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