5 Your Self-Care Plan

Learning Outcome

  • Develop and adopt a daily Self-Care Plan.

Self-Care Plan

BCIT and the BCITSA have adopted a holistic model of wellness (click on resources) featuring 8 dimensions. We use this to educate and encourage our community members to prioritize their wellbeing and recognize that there are many pieces that contribute to a whole and healthy self. As you may notice, this globally adopted model is deeply stemmed in Indigenous teachings of holistic health and balance. There are other models which you may identify with based on your value system. Before moving onto the next activity, take a moment to explore the different dimensions of wellness on the BCIT Student Association website (click on resources) and reflect on how you practice (or want to practice) healthy dimensions of wellness.

Wellness Wheel
The wellness wheel depicts 8 dimensions of wellness: occupational; physical; psychological; social; spiritual; environmental; financial; and, intellectual.

As he explains below, Alf Dumont, Elder in Residence at BCIT, practices self-care by walking daily to support his well-being.  


Action Plan Activity 5 – Daily self-care practices

In a crisis, one of the biggest challenges is feeling a loss of a sense of control. One way to maintain a feeling of being in control is to ensure that you are ‘grounded’ on a daily basis and that you are practicing healthy self-care habits.

In the Action Planning Tool in Appendix A, list five (5) self-care best practices that you will incorporate into your daily life.


Key Takeaway

  • There are a number self-care practices that you can incorporate into your daily life to maintain and improve critical aspects of your health.
  • By engaging with the dimensions of wellness, you can have a better understanding of how self-care habits support and energize you.



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