25 Write the First Draft

The thesis statement and outline that you prepared in the previous step will guide you through the rest of the writing process.  Here are a few tips for the drafting phase of the writing process:

  1. Write the body paragraphs first. Although the introduction is the first thing your reader will see, it is much easier to write an introduction once you know how your paper develops.
  2. Write the introduction. Get your audience’s attention.  What is important or intriguing about this topic?  What background do your readers need to understand?  Your introduction also includes your thesis and an overview of the main points you will discuss in your paper.
  3. Write the conclusion.  The conclusion restates your thesis, summarizes the most important points, and demonstrates that you proved your thesis.  Do not add new arguments at this point. End with the significance of the argument you have made.
Writing an Essay Draft (1) Start by writing the body paragraphs (2) Write your introductory paragraph (3) Write a conclusion paragraph
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