We owe many thanks to Dr. David Porter (former Associate Vice President) for his leadership in open education during his short tenure at BCIT albeit very impactful. We are equally indebted to BCcampus and openBCIT for co-sponsoring our project.

This was a rare project in which we did not need to disentangle any bureaucratic red tape and that was due to rare people who were involved since day one of our work. Special thanks go to James Rout (Associate Vice President), Ken Jeffery and Lin Brander (co-chairs of the OpenEd Working Group) as well as Alison Griffin, Deirdre Grace, Holly Stanley and Rosario Passos in alphabetical order. These individuals kept us motivated and we truly appreciate their friendliness in equal measures.

Also thanks to those whom we never met in person but received support within Open Grants.

And last but not least, we would like to thank our students, the entire Class of 2017 for their hard work, cooperation and feedback: Adrian Pontellini, Amar Manhas, April Derald Burias, Asmamaw Gebremariam, Brodie Pulles, Chelsea  Chiao Shiun Lo, Cole Tewinkel, Darrick Cheung, Devin Hughes, Harjit Kang, Jesiah de Gouveia, John Aldana, Joshua Lewis, Kevin Hamann, Matthew Fermill, Nathan Kwong, Riley Walker, Ryan Ngun, Sean McGilp, Terence Ka Chun Pang, Tommy Yoo, Trevor Rigby, Tylar Hodson and Vangeli Asimakis.


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