67 Types of Quantitative Data Analysis and Presentation Format

If your thesis is quantitative research, you will be conducting various types of analyses (see the following table).

Table 10.1 - Some Common Forms of Quantitative Analysis
Type of Analysis Appropriate Quantitative Analysis Presentation Format
Univariate Descriptive statistics (range, mean, median, mode, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis)

Graphs (e.g., line graphs, histograms); charts (e.g., pie chart, descriptive table.
Univariate Inferential analysis T-test, or chi square Summary tables of test results, contingency table
Bivariate analysis T-tests, Anova, Chi-square Summary tables; contingency tables
Multivariate analysis Anova, Manova, Chi-square, correlation, regression (binary, multiple, logistic) Summary tables


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