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The book offers undergraduate students valuable and comprehensive insights of the research process from the start to finish. With the use of clear and simple language, the book elucidates the intricacies of each step of the research process. Upon reading, students will find useful examples and well-researched literature that they can utilize while thinking about and doing their research project. The book is indeed an important guide and great addition to research enthusiasts’ repertoire.
Sheria C Myrie, PhD. Professor/Program Coordinator, Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
A highly recommended, accessible, and user-friendly companion text for research methods in social science courses. The student researcher case illustrations, practical tasks and checklists offer a step-by-step guide to bringing research to life and will attract learners and practitioners desirous of re/visiting the fundamentals of social science research.
Dacia Leslie Ph.D., Research Fellow at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social & Economic Studies (SALISES), The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus



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