Lines to Things

Still to a Sticky

In this activity, we are going to move away from focusing on line and instead work on form. In a drawing, form suggests something that is three-dimensional rather than flat and is achieved through shading. Working on small canvases, such as the sticky note, is a very liberating experience. Drawings easily take up the entire page (or even running off of it) making for more dynamic compositions that quickly come together.

Either use one of the images provided or take a photo, using your cell phone, of a few simple objects such as a cup and a pen.
Create a still life set-up of a few objects with a strong light source (window or lamp).
Take a photo using your phone, make the image black and white
4 x 6 sticky notes, black sharpie or similar marker,
Insert two or three reference images

A still life is a drawing of household objects such as plants, vases or wine bottles. In this activity you will either photograph simple still lifes arranges of objects you have close at hand, such as a coffee cup and a pencil or use the images provided to create drawings on sticky notes. It is important that you have a single strong light source, such as a lamp or window when taking photos, so that you have bold consistent shadows on your objects. Turning your photos to black and white and increasing the contrast will make them easier to draw. Your drawing will only have two tones, a black marker for the dark areas and the colour of your sticky note for the lighter. This means the white, is actually just the paper (or where you don’t draw). It is recommended to use 4” by 6” inch post-it notes, however working on white, lined or index cards is also fine.

If working in a group, create a sticky note quilt by having everyone stick their favorite drawings to a large sheet of paper or white board in a grid. Try curratiating your quilts around themes.


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