Lines to Things

“The process of graphic thinking can be seen as a conversation with ourselves in which we communicate with sketches. The communication process involves the sketched image on the paper, the eye, the brain, and the hand.”
Graphic Thinking for Architects and Designers by Paul Laseau

How do you begin a drawing, when you are not sure what it is going to be? This is a question that often arises when using drawing as an aid to thinking, and can be one of the first major setbacks to getting going. The collection of activities that follow, explore ways that you can begin a drawing without giving it a second thought.

Drawing Lines into Things will ask you to start with simple lines that build to more concrete representations. You will learn to keep your pen moving as your thoughts are forming, drawings will shift and respond to the ideas you want to explore and share. In this section, we will set the stage for you to connect the dots in more ways than one.


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