As this case study is finalized, there are concurrent crises that are testing our capacity to withstand adversity and to build upon our resilience in the face of trauma-inducing events. Amidst destructive climate change-driven phenomena, a global pandemic, and disrupted peace, we are called upon to ensure equity is a part of all spaces that can contribute to transformational change in our societies. For us that current change starts with this work through which we hope to inspire you to become acquainted with climate change and wildfires alongside the impacts these carry for individuals and communities. How we plan for a future where a warming climate will contribute to various detrimental impacts on individual livelihood, communities, and the broader governmental level is critical. If we are to act upon the largest crisis of the 21st century as declared by the World Health Organization, then we must do so collectively, to ensure the protection and promotion of the most sacred relationship that exists, specifically between humans and ecosystems. When we deepen our bonds to our natural surroundings we create a path toward living in harmony with one another and building a future that can sustain all species.

Raluca Radu | Project Lead


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