Welcome to Business Presentation Skills. This course teaches you how to communicate effectively in business situations. You’ll learn public speaking, communication, and meeting management skills. 

What you’ll learn 

Successful students will:

  • Present yourself and your work in a professional manner
  • Communicate clearly, efficiently and effectively in a variety of contexts
  • Create and use analog and digital presentation materials
  • Skilfully give and receive feedback
  • Participate actively in teams
  • Run and manage productive meetings
  • Avoid and manage conflict
  • Practice reliable research and information presentation skills
  • Develop confidence, self-reliance, responsibility, adaptability, project management and problem-solving skills

How to succeed in this class – 7 secrets to success

1. Come to class and participate.

You’re expected to attend every class and participate in class discussions and activities. This includes volunteering for activities and acting as a leader to other students. Part of BUSM 1500 is being the audience for your classmates’ presentations. In addition to helping your classmates improve their confidence and public speaking abilities, you’ll learn from watching other people’s presentations.

2. Be supportive and respectful. Public speaking makes most people anxious.

Actively pay attention to presentations, and use body language to encourage the speaker. Don’t distract yourself or disrespect the speaker.

3. Check Brightspace regularly.

You are responsible for:

  • Keeping up with the course, completing assigned work and submitting before deadlines
  • Reading and responding to announcements
  • Being prepared and ready to participate in class

4. Check your email daily, or forward it to an account you check daily.

  • You are responsible for all email sent to your Langara account
  • If you need technical support, contact IT

5. Practice your presentations: This will make a huge difference in your grade and your confidence.

  • Practice each presentation at least 10 times
  • Practice alone, in front of people and record yourself

6. Be timely.

  • Present on the date assigned.
  • Submit before the deadlines. Some instructors deduct marks or don’t accept late submissions. If you need help or an extension, contact your instructor before the due date. Don’t leave it to last minute.

Contacting your instructor

The best way to contact your instructor is by email. Your instructor’s email address is on the course outline.

Always write clear, professional emails:

  1. Put your course number and section number in the subject line. For example, BUSM1500-001
  2. Start with Dear or Hello [Name],
  3. Be brief, clear and professional
  4. Close with Thank you, Sincerely, or Best regards,
  5. Type your name under that, followed by your student id, course number and section number
  6. Fix all spelling, punctuation, capitalization or grammar errors

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Grades are not negotiable. Instructors are contractually obligated to assign grades based on performance and production. Please do not place an instructor in a conflict of interest situation by asking them to increase grades.

Excellent, exceptional (A+, A, A-) Consistently distinguished accomplishment in presentations, assignments and class participation

Very good (B+, B, B-) Consistently demonstrates mastery of the subject matter and skills

Meets requirements (C+, C, C-) Satisfactory achievement in demonstrating the skills learned in this course, and sufficient comprehension of the subject

Needs improvement (D) Marginal Performance; completed the course but with below average achievement


Instructors are contractually obligated to report all plagiarism. All work containing plagiarised content will be penalized and reported to the Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity. No exceptions. Please do not place an instructor in a conflict of interest situation by asking them to ignore plagiarism.


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