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Practical Writing Today: A Functional Approach was written by Sam Schechter, a faculty member in the Communications Department at Douglas College. The book was inspired by Rebekah Bennetch at the University of Saskatchewan. Credit for much of this book is owed to her and her co-authors, Corey Owen and Zachary Keesey.

Sam also wrote Public Speaking for Today’s Audiences, an OER textbook designed for first-year post-secondary students learning the craft of public speaking and Public Relations: From Strategy to Action, an OER textbook for upper-level undergraduate students learning about public relations. He is also the editor of an OER collection of case studies in Public Relations Case Studies: Strategies & Actions. His fifth and most recent OER is Social Media & Reputation Management.

Sam Schechter’s full biography and online profile can be found at www.schechter.ca.


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