The authors wish to thank Dr. Gary Bass (LLD Honorary and Senior Research Fellow, Simon Fraser University and Retired RCMP Deputy Commissioner West), Inspector Steven McCartney (Program Director, BC Police Academy), Dr. Tim Croisdale (Associate Professor, California State University), Dr. Yvon Dandurand (School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, UFV,  and Fellow, International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy), Steven Gehl (Sergeant, RCMP Forensic Identification Section, Retired) Robert Gehl (Inspector, Victoria Police Department, Retired), Stuart K. Wyatt, (BA, MA, Asc Forensic Identification Officer, Retired), for their very helpful reviews of earlier drafts of the manuscript. They are also very grateful to Dr. Irwin Cohen (Senior University Research Chair (RCMP) and Director of the Centre for Public Safety and Criminal Justice Research, University of the Fraser Valley) for work in editing the manuscript. Finally, the authors wish to thank Dr. Tannis Morgan (Associate Director, Office of Applied Research and Graduate Studies, JIBC) for her guidance and facilitation of JIBC assistance in publication, Krista Lambert (Instructional Designer, JIBC, CTLI) for her assistance in graphics and manuscript formatting for this book, and to Stephanie Hipkin (JIBC graduate) for her collaboration in copyediting the final draft.