I am honoured to have been asked to write the foreword for this important book, written by an accomplished police officer in collaboration with a prominent Canadian criminologist.

Rod Gehl began his career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and went on to have a highly successful career retiring as an Inspector with the Abbotsford Police Department, one of the most respected departments in Canada.   Since retirement Rod has continued to use his investigative expertise providing advice to government and teaching at the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Now, coming together with Dr. Darryl Plecas, University of the Fraser Valley Professor Emeritus and former RCMP Research Chair, Rod has completed this book which speaks to the operational application of the criminal investigation, processes, practices, and thinking.

Having known Rod professionally for over 22 years, he has my respect and that of our colleagues for his capacity in mastering the investigative processes as well as for his policing leadership. The breadth of his expertise in Major Case Management uniquely qualifies him to have written this book. This introduction to criminal investigation fills a void in the literature and will benefit police officers starting their careers in virtually all aspects of what is important to learn to be effective in policing, It not only speaks to the investigative processes but also the day to day work that policing involves.

More importantly, the underlying theories, processes, practices and thinking skills remain relevant throughout the career of a police officer and therefore this book will be of value to both new recruits and seasoned police officers.

The underlying themes of integrity, diligence, investigative thinking, tenacity, respect, and striving to do the best that one can do at all times, are just as important at the end of a policing career as they are at the beginning. I therefore see this book as having an enduring value to police officers at all levels and stages of their careers, and I am pleased to fully endorse it as such.


Gary D. Bass (Rtd.)
Deputy Commissioner Canada West
Royal Canadian Mount Police