Part 4. Evaluate your Sources

17 But is it Relevant?

You may be able to verify that the author has some expertise or authority within a given context, it is current enough, seems to be accurate, and it is from an educational or scholarly source.

But there is still one more thing to consider. Is it relevant? It is written at a level I can understand? Who is the target audience? And perhaps most importantly, how will I use it in my assignment?


Putting it all together

The following poster illustrates the process of determining the credibility of sources you find on the internet. It is also a useful reminder of the critical questions you should be asking of all the sources you find in your research, including those you find in the library.


Image from IFLA.

Activity: Summing up Module 4


Your research question is: What are the potential harms and benefits of e-cigarettes?

Decide which of the two sources is better. Use the arrow on the right to move to the next question.

Well done! You’ve completed the text and activity portion of Part 4 Evaluate your Sources. You are welcome to review any part of this module at any time.


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