Doing Research: A Student’s Guide to Finding and Using the Best Sources was initially conceived as a quick adaptation of the excellent Choosing and Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research by The Ohio State University Libraries.  Over time, it developed into its own project suited to a different purpose and an audience of Canadian students.

Members of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University English Department were helpful in shaping the development of the content and establishing learning objectives for each module; specifically Jennifer Williams, Elizabeth Gooding, and Julia Grandison were enthusiastic in their support of the project. Several KPU librarians were also generous in providing their feedback.

Many thanks to Rajiv Jhangiani, Caroline Daniels, and Karen Meijer-Klein for their help with this project and to Todd Mundle for the time to work on it. Where indicated, supplementary videos were created by Graeme Robinson-Clogg through the generous support of a BCcampus Open Education Grant. And many thanks to David Hauck, who lent his image-editing skills.



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