The Original Edition from Virginia Tech 2016

This textbook has been adapted multiple times for different audiences.

Fundamentals of Business (2016) was an openly licensed (CC BY NC SA 3.0) textbook designed for use in Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business introductory level business course, MGT 1104 Foundations of Business.

Content in the Preface and Chapters 1-14 and 16-17 was adapted from the Saylor Foundation’s Exploring Business by Virginia Tech under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 License. The Saylor Foundation previously adapted this work under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 License without attribution as requested by the work’s original licensee.

This work was a project of University Libraries and the Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech.

  • Lead Author: Stephen J. Skripak
  • Contributors: Richard Parsons, Anastasia Cortes, Anita Walz
  • Layout: Anastasia Cortes
  • Selected graphics: Brian Craig
  • Cover design: Trevor Finney
  • Student Reviewers: Jonathan De Pena, Nina Lindsay, Sachi Soni
  • Project Manager: Anita Walz

The eCampusOntario’s Fundamentals of Business – Canadian Edition

eCampusOntario is a not-for-profit corporation funded by the Government of Ontario. eCampusOntario funded the development of the Fundamentals of Business: Canadian Edition, from which the current edition has been adapted. In developing the Canadian Edition, program managers from eCampusOntario and business faculty from Ontario colleges collaborated to update and align the existing open resources to Ontario college introductory business outcomes and objectives. The key contributors were Nitsa Andres, Fanshawe College; Matt Hutchinson, Lambton College; Jim Johnston, Fanshawe College; Anela Tomac, Conestoga College; Joanne Kehoe, eCampusOntario; and Peggy French, eCampusOntario. Luke Wilson also edited the final draft and added his expertise to the content.

The Fundamentals of Business: Canadian Edition was openly licensed (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International)

Fundamentals of Business – British Columbia Edition 2022

The Fundamentals of Business – British Columbia Edition 2022 has been adapted to highlight current business issues and trends, focusing not only on Canadian content, but also on cases and stories from British Columbia. In addition to British Columbia content, the update makes learning richer for students by incorporating case studies from business stakeholders who are Indigenous, Peoples of Colour, LGBTQIA2S+, and people with disabilities within the business communities across British Columbia and in Canada.

This adaptation, completed by Douglas College, was funded by BCcampus Open Education. BCcampus Open Education began in 2012 as the B.C. Open Textbook Project with the goal of making post-secondary education in British Columbia more accessible by reducing students’ costs through the use of open textbooks and other OER. BCcampus supports the post-secondary institutions of British Columbia as they adapt and evolve their teaching and learning practices to enable powerful learning opportunities for the students of B.C. BCcampus Open Education is funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills and the Hewlett Foundation.

All BCcampus books, including this one, are openly licensed using a Creative Commons licence and are offered in various eBook formats free of charge, or as printed books that are available at cost.

For more information about open education in British Columbia, please visit the BCcampus Open Education website. If you are an instructor who is using this book for a course, please fill out our Adoption of an Open Textbook form.


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Fundamentals of Business Copyright © 2022 by Florence Daddey and Rachael Newton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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