Assessment Design: Perspectives and Examples Informed by Universal Design for Learning

Section 2.7: Reflection on Assessment Methods

Reflection on Assessment Methods

Reflect on one of the assessment methods you currently use or used in the past, what might be some of the barriers for you and your students? How might you better support your students from a UDL perspective? You may use the table below to jot down your thoughts or you can discuss with your colleagues.

Assessment Method Pick an assessment method you want to work on
Context Describe the context of the assessment:

  • Who are the learners?
  • What skills, abilities, or competencies the assessment addresses?
  • What are your goals?
Barriers List some barriers or issues you or your students had:

  • What are some of the explicit and implicit barriers?
  • What made it difficult during the process?
  • What didn’t work well?
Solutions Write down a few things you can change or improve:

  • What can be kept?
  • What can be fixed using UDL principles?
  • What needs to be removed?


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