Assessment Design: Perspectives and Examples Informed by Universal Design for Learning

Section 3.3: Sample Assessment Plan Components Part 2

Critical Analysis and Presentation (20%)

In this assignment, you will consider an issue or topic given by the instructor. You will analyze the issue critically by providing key facts to stakeholders who may not have the time to do research on the matter. More importantly, you will identify critical considerations (i.e., potential limitations, outcomes) along with recommendations to help shape/direct “steps forward” (i.e., possible actions, solutions) on the issue or topic.

  1. Critical Analysis (10%). A workshop will be held in Week 8 to familiarize you with critical analysis. Following the workshop, you are expected to analyze and answer a series of questions based on the given topic. Guidelines and rubrics are provided in Week 8.
  2. Peer-Reviewed Presentation (10%). Well-prepared presentation help convince your stakeholders. In Week 13, you are required to do a 5-minute presentation based on your analysis. PPT is required. In addition, your peers will be given a few criteria to provide non-grading feedback for your presentation. Guidelines and rubrics are provided in the course.

 Reflective Writing (25%)

Throughout the course, you will prepare a total of 5 reflective writings to accompany course readings. Reflective writings should not be summaries of the reading. Rather, your writings should be considering the significance of the reading and the module’s theme. Some guiding questions are provided for each reflective writing. Additional guiltiness and details are specified in Weeks 1, 4, 6, 10, and 11. Reflective writings are expected to be 500-750 words in length, excluding title page and references cited. Rubrics for reflective writing is provided in the course.

 Discussion Facilitation and Participation (25%)

During Week 1, you are asked to identify 2-3 articles that you are interested in facilitating through a sign-up sheet. During the semester, you will be assigned to lead one of the weekly discussions and actively participate in the weekly discussions.

  1. Group Discussion Facilitation (15%). You will be assigned an article and will prepare a maximum 2-page summary handout, which is expected to be posted to the discussion board at the beginning of the week, along with 2 questions for discussion. The goal of the handout is to provide an overview of the article, not necessarily to engage with every detail. You will also moderate the discussion board for that week and are expected to reply/comment on a minimum of 5 responses from your peers. Rubrics and guidelines are available.
  2. Group Discussion Participation (10%). Beginning Week 3, you are expected to post, at least, 3 responses to the discussion questions. You may reflect on any of the discussion questions or reply to another post. Rubrics and guidelines are available in respective weekly activities.


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