Chapter 2: Learner Profiles

EIght different learners in bubbles

Throughout the first section of this book, we have taken a broad, general view of the online learner. However, not all online learners are the same, and not all online learners come with the same level of digital literacy. Depending on a learner’s background, life experiences, and life situation, they may have varying levels of digital literacy, and varying skillsets within these seven elements. Such differences mean each online learner’s needs and experiences are unique.

In this section, we will meet four different learners: the traditional learner, the English language learner, the Indigenous learner, and the mature learner. We will explore their likely strengths and weaknesses with respect to digital literacy and discuss how their needs can best be supported. We will examine the curriculum and delivery of Learning to Learn Online, evaluate the ways in which the MOOC caters to these different learner profiles, and make recommendations for future course iterations.

It is important to understand the online learner as a general group. However, different learner profiles must be considered to ensure the more marginalized members of our communities have equal learning opportunities.

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