Versioning History

This page lists major changes to this guide. A new version of the textbook is released each calendar year marked with a 1.0 increase in the version number. Changes made within a year are each marked with a 0.01 increase in the version number.

Version Date Change
1.0 November 2019 Original textbook created.
2.0 August 2020
  • Created 1.1 Purpose of Communication
  • Edited 1.2 Goal Setting and Evaluation
  • Moved 1.1 How do you decide on and defend your position? to Section 2 and re-named to 2.1.1 Developing a Good Argument
  • Re-organized chapters in Part 3
  • Removed “How to motivate yourself and others when the task seems impossible: Sisyphus and climate change.”
  • Added student knowledge products (mini-essays, briefing notes, communication plans)
  • Revised the introductory sections of all three Parts.
  • Removed supplemental material from 1.3 Audience
  • Edited 3.2 Written Communication Materials
  • Added Section 3.2.2 Newsletters and Section 3.2.3 Self-publishing and Op-Eds
  • Re-wrote sections 1.4, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 3.6.
  • Renamed section 3.6 to “Stakeholder Engagement”
  • Added key takeaways to all chapters in Part 3
3.0 June – August 2021
  • Added student knowledge products from SPPH 552 2020W1 including communication plans, mini essays, blogs, and briefing notes.
  • Added Chapter 2.2 Truth and Denial
  • Removed removed Chapter 2.1.1
  • Revised Chapter 2.1 Practical Reasoning as a Tool for Message Development


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