From the Original Adapting Authors

First, we owe a great debt to the original author, Dr. Charles Stangor, for writing the textbook and making it available to all.  We both enjoyed adding to such a readable and engaging resource. We are also grateful to the entire Open Education team at BC Campus, including Mary Burgess and Clint Lalonde, but especially Amanda Coolidge, who shepherded this project from start to finish. Thanks also to our editors for spotting the formatting and referencing errors that escaped our attention, to Brad Payne for his incredible work on the Pressbooks platform that facilitated our work, and to Chris Montoya (Thompson Rivers University), Dawn-Louise McLeod (Thompson Rivers University—Open Learning), and Jennifer Walinga (Royal Roads University) for their useful and detailed reviews of the original edition.

Rajiv Jhangiani would also like to thank Surita Jhangiani (Capilano University & Justice Institute of British Columbia) for her helpful suggestions and constant support, as well as Kabir and Aahaan Jhangiani, for providing great inspiration and endless joy during the entire process.

Hammond Tarry would also like to thank his family for their love, support, and inspiration.

From the Original Author

This book is the result of many years of interacting with many students, and it would never have been written without them. So thanks, first, to my many excellent students. Also a particular thanks to Michael Boezi, Pam Hersperger, and Becky Knauer for their help and support.

I would also like to thank the following reviewers whose comprehensive feedback and suggestions for improving the material helped make this a better text:

  • Mark Agars, California State University, San Bernadino
  • Sarah Allgood, Virginia Tech University
  • Lara Ault, Tennessee State University
  • Sarah Butler, DePaul University
  • Jamonn Campbell, Shippensburg University
  • Donna Crawley, Ramapo College
  • Alexander Czopp, Western Washington University
  • Marcia Finkelstein, University of South Florida
  • Dana Greene, North Carolina Central University
  • Melissa Lea, Millsaps College
  • Dana Litt, University of Washington
  • Nick Marsing, Snow College
  • Kevin McKillop, Washington College
  • Adam Meade, North Carolina State University
  • Paul Miceli, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Marcie Miller, South Plains College
  • Meg Milligan, Troy University
  • Dean Morier, Mills College
  • Darren Petronella, Adelphi University
  • Lisa Poole, Northeast State Technical Community College
  • Michael Rader, Northern Arizona University
  • Diana Rice, Geneva College
  • David Simpson, Carroll University


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